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Nozzle Guard 10 Micron High Efficiency Spin-on Fuel Oil Filters are designed and manufactured by INDUSTRIAL & AVIATION FILTERS, a division of Envirocom Inc. Envirocom Inc. was spun off from Dana Canada Inc's Filter Division in 1995. Dana Canada Inc and its predecessors had made spin-on filters for the Oil Heat industry in Canada for nearly 40 years. So I&A's roots in the Oil Heat industry go back a long way.

The Nozzle Guard brand was introduced in 1995 with the aim of promoting improved filtration in the Oil Heat industry. A  continuous string of product innovations have been introduced by Nozzle Guard since that time, including  "Triple-Seal" high pressure mounting heads for improved sealing, full UL and CSA certification
for Canada and the USA, Triple-Corrosion-Resistant" filter shells for improved rust resistance, increased filter area for increased filter life, Adapters for mounting Nozzle Guard High Effieciency Spin-ons on existing 1A25A and 264 mounting heads, and a Spin-on Water & Sludge Separator which adds no restriction to the suction line.

The latest product innovation from Nozzle Guard is the NG 3500 Model which is available both as a Primary Water and Sludge Separator (NG GWS) and as a Secondary High Efficiency 10 Micron Spin-on Filter (NG 3500). The 3500 Model maintains the features of the previous Nozzle Guard models, and adds a heavier guage steel shell with a compact low profile and a flat, tip-proof bottom to reduce spills.    

Outside of the Oil Heat industry,
INDUSTRIAL & AVIATION FILTERS'   growing customer base includes both large and small enterprises in all segments of industry including mining,  pulp and paper, petroleum, chemicals, primary metals, manufacturing, transportation, and Government (Canadian military jets are fuelled through filters designed & furnished by I&A). INDUSTRIAL  &  AVIATION  FILTERS  offers a full line of technical services to the filter user including custom vessel  pressure  design,  applications engineering,  fluid analysis,  filtration system design,  and field support. In addition to distributing such Quality brand names as   HILCO®Parker,    WIX®,   KRALINATOR   and others, INDUSTRIAL  &  AVIATION  FILTERS  manufactures a wide variety of filter cartridges at its Pickering, Ontario facility.

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With over 50 years of specialized experience in the industrial filtration business, at INDUSTRIAL & AVIATION FILTERS, we're ready to solve your filtration, separation and fluid reclamation problems.
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